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MV/HV Voltage Switchboards > Kiosk Substations

At Lai our kiosk substations are custom designed and built to accommodate a mix of MV and LV equipment, including segregation between equipment compartments. Our custom made construction allows for flexibility in sizing, layout, application, inspection and maintenance of equipment. As a part of our complete service and product offering, interconnecting cabling between MV equipment, transformers, LV switchboards, control and protection equipment can also be installed, terminated and factory acceptance tested prior to delivery to site.

Lai Switchboards manufacture kiosks with dry cast resin transformer and kiosks with oil insulated transformers. The kiosks come complete with transformer, HV ring main unit and LV switchboard or as required by customer.

Lai Switchboards have successfully manufactured, tested and supplied cyclone rated kiosks for terrain category 2 wind region ‘D’ locations for application in high wind areas.

Lai Switchboards have supplied kiosks to various hospitals, Department of Defence installations, Brisbane airport, mining installations to name a few.